Snake Removal Melbourne

Snake Catcher, Snake Handler, Control, Removal and Relocation, Based at Eltham, 0418576715, Government Licenced with over 30 years experience handling Australia's most venomous snakes, we promptly come out to your home or business premises to remove the unwanted reptile, we capture and relocate, throughout Melbourne and the Diamond Valley, 24 hours 7 days.



  • Melbourne Snake Season 2015

    10 March at 17:39 from atlas

    Snakes once again have been very active for the start of the new year, the usual species most commonly encountered in Melbourne by ...

  • 2015 Snake Season

    7 January at 14:54 from atlas

    There has been numerous calls for snake removal, with very warm temperatures I have removed snakes from all over Melbourne, standout ...

  • Snake season 2014/2015

    8 September at 19:11 from atlas

    Snake season has started again for 2014/2015 after a cold winter, spring temperatures are starting to warm up, and the calls are ...

  • Snake season 2013/2014

    24 February at 09:12 from atlas

    Snake season has been my busiest since I started this business, I have caught snakes all over Melbourne, when you have a snake that you ...

  • Busy season

    24 September at 14:30 from atlas

    Very warm weather, I have been very busy 4 snakes today, 3 Tiger Snakes and 1 Eastern Brown Snake, one of the Tiger Snakes had bitten a ...