• Melbourne Snake Season 2019/2020

    16 October at 13:41 from atlas

    Snake Season 2019 has been on again off again. Temperatures have been very low compared to last year. Snakes have been waiting for a few days of consistent 20 degrees temperatures in a row to start feeding. Around Melbourne that hasn't happened.

    I have been called to quite a few jobs where the snake has been basking close to it's winter retreat and the snake has been a very easy capture. A number of Tiger Snakes so far and one huge Eastern Brown Snake have been captured and relocated. The brown was attracted to rodents at a chook shed. One group of canoeist's got a fright when they tried to access their canoe's and found a medium size Tiger blocking the door way. One thing I have noticed is each snake captured has been stone cold due to cold temperatures, this will certainly change as spring will soon be in full swing.


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